May 19 2007 NTS Show

The Reverend Doctor’s seventh show of the year is a technical masterpiece! Tune in to find out if Nodnarb has made it back from his trip to the US, if The Reverend Doctor has sobered up from all his Cinco de Mayo festivities, and who exactly Cleo, Marc, and Sally are! Also on this show The Reverend Doctor receives a surprise letter, there is a BIG announcement regarding R.E. Puckett, Marisleysis is defined, and The Reverend Doctor offers his thoughts on Jerry Falwell, Spiderman 3, Paris Hilton, The Sopranos, Memorial Day, and much, much more!

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  1. Panda the haggis said

    Shout out to the Reverend Doc who is one of the few beacons of freedom of thought and twisted wit in this old world! Fight the poser!

    05/18/07 9:37 PM
  2. Northern Harbour Canada's Buffett Band said

    Yet another AWESOME show, good Reverend! Thanks for the shout out – we are extremely proud to join your affiliate network!! Guilty by association? We’re in!

    A few notes on the show:

    – JOE WALSH ROCKS – but you’re no ordinary average guy…

    – Sorry Cleo foundja… You need an attorney! May we recommend our legal expert Consuela M. Bezel. She’s viscious, and famous in Nashville.

    – Our troops need MySpace!! Give Facebook to Syria… Burka-book?

    – We want to participate in the first ever Revered Doctor’s Sailfish tournament in Costa Rica! The angle? No live bait – everyone must troll only with their crew’s bikini tops rigged up. It’s Canadian saltwater fly fishing, and it works so well in the tropics. Stick to floral patters though… Whaddya say, Doc?!

    Keep yer toes in the sand, and keep growing this great broadcast every week, amigo!

    Cheers to the King of the Costa Rican Airwaves, from your pals stuck in one particular Northern Harbour!

    05/19/07 11:25 AM
  3. Richard L Wood said

    Hello there “MARK”

    I’ll be Matthew and Luke
    I Love you in between!

    Richard aka Dick

    05/19/07 12:36 PM
  4. Jollymon said

    Thanks for the shoutout, Doc!!

    Kudos for the shout-out about our troops, sailors and airmen – they are doing a great job and I am thankful to them.

    Also, Rev. Falwell was a heckuva guy – really did a lot to help the police combat internet child predators (scum).

    Lookin’ forward to the next show!


    05/19/07 3:26 PM
  5. David said

    Great show Rev.
    lol David from Detroit

    05/20/07 11:18 AM
  6. der Deutsche said

    großer Erscheinen reverend Doktor. ich entdeckte, daß dieses und gedacht ihm so lustig war. ich zeigte es, daß zu meinen Freunden und zu ihnen die Zeit lachten. ich betrachtete die vorhergehenden Erscheinen und sie waren gerecht, wie groß. ich kann nicht warten, bis das folgende Erscheinen herauskommt.

    05/20/07 12:17 PM
  7. Gangsta in Da Bronx said

    yo RD wats crackin up in costa rica? me and da homies wanted say great show as always.

    05/20/07 1:26 PM
  8. Bog-Man said

    Rev Dr.
    Good stuff as always
    reppin from the south
    ~Bog Man

    05/20/07 3:12 PM
  9. Arctic Pimp said

    Another fine show from the capital of perfect weather. I will be using Merry Salacous many times today. Shouts out to the troops keep your asses down and your weapons fully extended !!!!! Good day to you all and a special shot of patron to TRD for all that you do to keep us laughing at this fucked up world that we live in !!! Peace

    05/20/07 4:34 PM
  10. B on the Block said

    You asked a question a few shows ago to the NTS faithful that I didn’t get a chance to answer. Here it is for the record.

    I wish that I had never ask a certain guy in middle school, “Got any commodore64 games?”.

    Love you brother. Keep up the good work.


    05/20/07 5:52 PM
  11. Jason Rod said

    If my baby’s first word is “Bunda” I will know who to blame!
    Thanks for the Shout and the Congrats! I will keep you posted!

    05/21/07 1:29 PM
  12. Sean O'Simmons said

    Most Great!
    Bow to the king of the Costan Rican Airwaves
    The most of the most!
    My office workers and customers are most pleased when I put your show over the speakers and for the on-hold music!
    Keep up the most great work!
    And NO you are not average! You are the King!!

    05/21/07 1:34 PM
  13. Quanica Jones said

    Oh no you didnt talk bout my home girl like dat!
    I beat yo ass! Whoz you thinks you is!
    I beat yo ass! You anit s*** motha f*****.
    You talkin’ like yous da king, b**** I the motha f***** king. I beat yo ass, keep popin dat s***!!
    I hates yo ass!

    P.S. I is just playin’ gives me a calls boo!
    Loves QQ

    05/22/07 8:34 AM
  14. Parrothead - aka Billy Clyde said

    Another extraordinary effort by the good Doctor! Your take on divorce is spot on! They’re expense because they’re worth it! Maryslaysis to you for keeping the NTS faithful laughing with your twisted sense of humor!

    05/22/07 11:57 AM
  15. Sydney said

    Reverend Doctor, forget about a BIG microphone, every woman I know prefers a funny man with a BIG wallet! 😉 You are the best darling! Texas loves them some Reverend Doctor!

    05/22/07 12:48 PM
  16. Jellybean Queen said

    Please forget what Sydney just said, a BIG microphone is always appreciated!!

    05/22/07 4:40 PM
  17. Manny from Miami said

    Big UPs to the The Rev. Dr.
    I was at Club Rolex the other night, the waitress gave me a shot of the Patron, I gave her a tip and said Maryslaysis to you. She looked at me kind of funny, sat on my lap and asked what that meant. Well I told her I was in Costa Rica last week and thats how they express there love and thanks. She was really into the story, but said she had to get back to work. Then about half-an-hour later. The MC said “And now on the stage, the lovely and busty Miss Marysalysis. Damn she was hot, and she “danced” just form me, (well I was putting big tips in the G-String). Well after her shift, we went back to her place and Damnit did I tap that Bunda! I taped that several times that night, and again in the morning!!
    Thank You so so much, without you I would not have had a conversation starter and would not of banged that nice Bunda!!
    Forever in your debt,
    Manny from Miami

    05/23/07 12:22 PM
  18. Redskins Lover said

    Hey Clinton call Michael and lets see whos dog is better.

    05/25/07 11:22 AM
  19. Mark said

    scared me for a sec – thought you were gonna praise Falwell instead of justifiably burying him 6 feet deep in the shit of which he was such a pernicious purveyor!

    Mark R

    05/25/07 7:04 PM
  20. Ray said

    You have an awesome show reverend doctor. Keep it it sir.

    05/28/07 12:30 PM
  21. Dave said

    Always good to catch a voice from the tropics… Lived in Hawaii for five years and left because of an evil nazi woman I inadvertently married. Now that the exorcism is complete I can return to a place of warm weather, happiness, and tranquility.

    Catching up on your podcasts is entertaining to say the least… keep it up as creative insanity helps keep the planet from spinning in the opposite direction.

    05/28/07 4:41 PM
  22. Maira De Rosa said

    Holla mi amor,
    Yo esto en Costa Rica, y me gusta tu programa! Yo soy mui calente’, y yo tengo la bunda bueno para ti. Y yo te como con salsa!
    Yo te quiero mucho El Doctor del amor!


    05/29/07 12:07 PM
  23. Panda the Haggis – thanks for the shout out….”a beacon of freedom of thought and twisted wit” now that’s tight!

    Northern Harbour – your insight and analysis of the show is tremendous! It is rare to see a member of The NTS Faithful that gets the show on the level that you do. Thanks for listening and thanks for taking the time to respond so in-depthly. You are a true friend of the show and of The Reverend Doctors.

    David in Detroit – always glad to hear I have a new fan in the motor city! Glad you enjoy the show.

    der Deutsche – Have no idea what your saying but I hope that you like the show! You silly German!

    Bog-Man – What the hell is “reppin”?

    Artic Pimp – Mad love as always for my brother in the frozen tundra!

    B on the Block – truer words has never been spoken….okay I’m sure they has but you speak the truth my brother, you speak the truth!

    Sean O’Simmons – it is wise man that keeps his staff and customers happy by listening to the stylings of TRD

    QQ- pretend you don’t know me! We had fun once, IT’S OVER!!!

    Parrothead – aka Billy Clyde – you get it, you really do! Life is too short to be unhappy!

    Sydney – TRD loves you and Texas right back!

    Jellybean Queen – I’m sorry, did I miss read your name? Should it be Pain Queen!

    Manny from Miami – trust in TRD and you will gets far in this world my friend, as you have already seen!

    Mark – as I said, I come to bury him, not to praise him!

    Ray – thanks for the warm thoughts but BUT STOP CALLING ME SIR! (that’s a veiled tribute to the genius of Charles Schultz)

    Dave – I’m glad you realized life is too short to be unhappy and dropped that wife. Glad to has you amongst The Faithful!

    Maira De Rosa – Darling I donth read no Espanish I only speaked it. But if you saying you wants to go Marisleysis then send TRD some pics!!!

    05/29/07 12:55 PM
  24. Bunda Boy said

    I just read the post Manny from Miami sent.
    And all I can say is amazing!!!
    WOW the power of TRD!

    WOW Ive tried it but the Bunda just would not bite, I now however do have a beacon of hope. Manny if you read this YOU ARE MY NEWEST HERO!!
    (I need) Bunda Boy

    05/31/07 12:25 PM

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