June 02 2007 NTS Show

The Reverend Doctor’s eighth show of the year feels better than pissing into a strong wind!!! Tune in to find out if what Nodnarb�s special job is for this show, what George W. Bush thinks about TRD spoofing on him, and why TRD faked his death and didn�t tell Mrs. Reverend Doctor. Also on this show The Reverend Doctor answers questions about the origins of his Reverend Doctorness and offers his thoughts on Alex Rodriguez, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rosie O�Fat and much, much more!

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  1. TC4SURE said

    Thanks for the heads up and request. Got some interesting and fun shows. look forward to joining the groove!

    06/3/07 5:27 PM
  2. Nicholas said

    You are outrageous! Don’t stop!

    06/4/07 2:01 PM
  3. Cassie said

    Reverend Doctor the shows intro was AWESOME!!! Loved Rodney Carrington’s song about you too! Love Ya Show — Cassie

    06/4/07 2:48 PM
  4. ivan said

    Ai’nt that the truth .

    06/4/07 8:44 PM
  5. James said

    Reverend Doctor best show yet! You are the man!

    06/8/07 1:23 AM
  6. Kelly said

    Thanks for keeping us laughing Reverend!

    06/8/07 8:31 AM
  7. Vicadin & Prozac said

    I listened to your casts, most of the last 3, and now consider myself a follower.

    06/9/07 11:09 AM
  8. Northern Harbour Canada's Buffett Band said

    Ahoy, good Doctor!!!

    Tremendous program last week!!

    Please forgive our recent scarcity – we’re out here on the road, on some island with a lot of beautiful women, and just haven’t been keepin’ up as well as we should… with comments, we mean. ;-))

    The Michael Douglas Wall Street soliloquy was brilliant, BTW!! Message received, amigo, and a worthy one at that…

    So just how does a Canadian Parrot Head band go about attracting the material support of the producers of that high quality libation, Petrone? We can offer signage, plugs, and unlimited product testing. Please relay…

    We sent you out to some of our closest freiends here on MySpace this weekend, and we hope they’ll be as enlightened by the program as all us faithful freaks have been. Don’t worry Doc, we keep excellent company, and they can hold they liquor too…

    Tell Maddux we picked up a special cracker for him on Put In Bay island, but we don’t know if we can mail it to you safely… So we have procured a pigeon – they were all outta homing parrots. Stay tuned…

    As our physician, we will presume you recommend that new sponsor’s product of your’s to our spousal units and more enthusiastic supporters? Sounds effective…

    Finally, the Pink Floyd/Bush-bytes clip was brilliant!! Some here in Margaritaville North believe that Pink Floyd was the cream of classic/acid rock, y’know. Parrot Heads have some depth in their musical tastes, after all. So maybe we’ll send a little band we know by for your enjoyment…

    Still shaking last nights show off – it was a HOT one, and a party for the ages. So we gotta go find us some cheap sunglasses, which on this island oughta be near impossible…

    Merry Selaisis & keep that toe in the sand, amigo!!

    Northern Harbour
    “Northern Latitude, Southern Attitude”

    06/10/07 10:28 AM
  9. Rio said

    Hola Hermano! I hope you’re doing well my friend! -Rio

    06/10/07 11:39 AM
  10. Bunda Boy said

    Bunda, Bunda, who got the Bunda
    Bunda, Bunda, I want it!!

    Great show Rev.
    Still waiting for my song,it needs to be blasted over all the airwaves!!!

    Bunda Bunda Bunda
    Ummm Ummm Ummm!
    Props to you!!

    06/11/07 11:51 AM
  11. Chainsaw said

    I was “gone” for a while!
    My shrink had an unexpected “visit” from my friend Buzzy Teeth. He some how disappeard after that. Once they took me away, they helped me find my jacket with the buckels on it, and I got my old room with the white padding. They would not let me hear you, but my bunny got to hear you and he filled me in!
    Loved the opening rap song, to bad it was not Dr Dre’s and Ice Cube’s Natural Born Killaz!
    I love that song!!!
    Keep up the good work, and if you hear your door fly off the frame with a lot of saw dust, it might be Buzzy Teeth, he has not returned to me yet (I miss him).


    06/11/07 12:03 PM
  12. Stanley Wortz said

    Hey Mr. Rev yeah Sir,
    I am very yeah dissapointed in you yeah. You were my hero. Now all yeah you talk about is Bunda and Patron. Two things yeah that I know nothing about. Then I saw those yeah pictures on your web site and yeah I was shocked. All those yeah scantally clad women in those yeah positions. I was sad yeah . How come you dont yeah show computers with the circuits showing, the intel processor or mother board showing yeah . I would also like if you show yeah and talk more about Poke’mon, D & D, and LOTR! You are making me yeah cry everyday in my mom’s basement. Please help me yeah , please help your self yeah!
    Your very sad faithful
    Stanley Wortz aka Stan!

    06/13/07 11:47 AM
  13. Bar Bee Que Bob said

    Howdy doc,
    Im over here in Texas were everything is BIG. You know I like my women Big! I need you to talk more about BIG women, you know 3 to 4 hundred pounds. Hey, whenever you are in TX come by for my famous make you cum BBQ ribs!
    Keep up the good work partner.
    aka Big Tex!

    06/13/07 11:53 AM
  14. Dave Profetta said

    Hey Reverend Doctor, I’d love to see more pictures featuring the hot girls of the N.T.S. faithful, especially on your myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/lil_dicky

    06/15/07 12:03 PM
  15. Jen said

    Me and the other girls at Rochester’s Hooters love you and the show. Come see us soon. xoxoxo

    06/25/07 4:28 PM

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