June 16 2007 NTS Show

The Reverend Doctor’s ninth show of the year is like fine bourbon—full of bite with a burning finish!!! Tune in to find out what has The Sanctuary all abuzz. Word is it has something to do with a graduation. The Reverend Doctor introduces two new segments this show, there�s a special edition of The NTS Faithful Speak, and EVERYONE is talking about Candy! Also on this show The Reverend Doctor offers his thoughts on The Sopranos series finale, Paris Hilton, Dean Martin, Larry Flint, The NTS Faithful Pictures Gallery, and much, much more!

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  1. Rick said

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on an EXCELLENT show Doc! You are one of a kind! Can’t wait til your next show!

    06/17/07 12:12 PM
  2. Brad said

    Thanks for the bday shoutout on the show. I had a great bday, shots were full, beer was cold, ounta was warm, and no patos in sight.

    06/17/07 12:57 PM
  3. Chris said

    I just wanted to say that you have created another great show. The NTS faithful here in Maine thank you….Chris

    06/17/07 10:49 PM
  4. Wayne said

    Well thanks for using my comment about my father for Fathers’ Day. It was a little cynical of me. I do love the man. He’s a battering ram, but he is my father and I know there are much worse fathers.

    06/18/07 1:35 AM
  5. Northern Harbour Canada's Buffett Band said

    Mahalo, good Reverend Doctor!!

    Yet another fully entertaining & informative program this week, compadre!! Tastes as good the next day as it did off the grill… We couldn’t hear too well still on Sunday morning, the ears still ringin’ from Friday night.

    Your commencement speech was a thing of great truth & wisdom. Finally some education that the fine young ladies of BEAVER U can actually apply. Kudos!

    Muchos gracias for the shout out on the show, too!! The Party on the Dock was a huge success, and a helluva bender! But fortunately not one of 2000 of us had to be fished out of Georgian Bay. We Canucks can hold our tequila, in a sad piece of irony… (cuz we can’t make the stuff!!! Oh, we’ve tried, but the Blue Agave don’t dig frost…).

    Well, sailfish/Marlin season is in full swing in your parts Reverend, so we hope you’ll take in a morning on the water with the Captain and a suitably bikini-ed crew, and practice a little catch & release for us! It’s a scenic pastime, at worst…

    David Chase ain’t got nuthin’ on you, Doc, and everyone at BEAVER U tells us that unlike Mr. Chase, you always provide a happy ending…. That’s right Rev, when the youth of BU want to get away for Spring Broken, they head North for some latitude adjustment and real beer. It’s a smaller world than we think, y’know…

    Keep making smiles down there amigo, and as always we’ll be ready to send Lawyers, Guns, and Money should the need arise.

    Sincerely, your Canadian Ambassadors of Pura Vida,

    Northern Harbour

    06/18/07 10:06 AM
  6. Dave Profetta said

    Thanks for dispensing your wisdom to the world.

    06/18/07 2:11 PM
  7. Roy said

    “My ENTIRE fucking show is imaginary”…… You are hilarious Doc! Keep the laughs coming!

    06/18/07 5:30 PM
  8. Chunky Lover 07 said

    Hey Good show!
    Loved the sunscreen talk at Beaver U!
    Maybe you can talk to congress and “W”!

    06/19/07 10:39 AM
  9. Bunda Boy said

    You played my song!!!!

    Bunda Bunda I got the Bunda!!!!!

    Hey can you give me Candy’s #!

    Go Beaver U!!!!

    06/19/07 1:10 PM
  10. I Love Patron said

    I love Patron almost as much as the Bunda!
    Hey ladies, put sun screen on this!

    I got two words for ya…..


    06/19/07 1:14 PM
  11. James Bally said

    Hey I Love Patron, (see above)

    You suck, stop the Patron bullshit and try some of the green goodness of

    That is a real drink!!

    No offense to you Rev, its just you need to try this stuff!!!

    It will have you saying screw the Patron and bring on the green fairy Absinthe!!

    06/19/07 5:00 PM
  12. Ol' Guitar Ed said

    Thanks for using my answer to the “Dad” question on your show. I got a real kick out of seeing what I had responded with about him watching football on TV in the nude when he was an old man. Great laughs.

    06/19/07 8:35 PM
  13. Arctic Pimp said

    Golden as always!!!!!!! Sorry for the time away. Have had alot of things going on with summer, work, and drinking all that Patron on my birthday!!!!! My Head Ho took your message on my birthday, Thank You for the warm sentiments about me and my ability to eat chicken!!!!!! Any how looking forward to visiting with you on trip down south in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!! Keep it slow slick and steady ……. at least thats what i tell my hoes. PEACE, PIMP

    06/26/07 12:57 AM
  14. Bass Monkey said

    LMAO @ the Bill Gates comment!!!

    06/30/07 2:14 AM
  15. Stanley Wortz said

    Hello Mr Doctor ,
    This is Stanley aka yeah Stan ( I still crack my self up everytime I say my nickname)
    Well I was at the yeah Star Trek convention and I am sorry I havent checked in yeah. I meet Mr. L Nemoy yeah and was very happy to find out that he loves your show and yeah that if he found you back then he would have made Spock yeah more like you ( and have more yeah Bunda on the show as well). I really wish you could yeah have been there yeah it was super fun. Well I have to go, its my turn, I playing yeah chess with my self and Im loseing!
    Love the show yeah
    Stan aka Stan Man yeah

    07/3/07 8:57 AM
  16. Tattoo Tom said

    Hello TRD,
    Im a new listener and I am hooked.
    I want to get a tat of the parrot on my back.
    Then I was thinking of getting one of you holding the Patron. Im not gay or anything, you just moved me so much, I want to remember your show forever.
    You rock!
    Your newest faithful

    07/3/07 9:08 AM
  17. Bunda Boy said

    Hey my man!
    I saw this fine Bunda down the street the other day and I told her Marysalasis and she did!! OHHHH YEAH!!! (If you know what I mean)

    Thanks REV you truely are the last great becon of hope! All hail the Bunda King!!

    Forever your servent
    Bunda Boy

    07/3/07 10:51 AM
  18. Davis said

    A Philly Cheese Steak is not the only thing Davis is exceptional at eating.

    07/3/07 9:32 PM
  19. Lauren said

    Just found your show Reverend and I must say that I’m hooked! When is the next show going to be out? I listened to most of your old shows yesterday and I’m looking forward to the next one. -Lauren

    07/5/07 7:21 AM
  20. Niptaperi said

    Make love, not war!

    01/16/08 6:17 AM

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