July 04 2007 NTS Show

The Reverend Doctor’s tenth offering of the year really whips the llama�s ass!!! Tune in to find out what Doc, Nodnarb, & Maddux are up to on the Fourth of July. Word on the Costaland Telegraph is that Maddux sounds ALOT like Hendricks, Nodnarb has been playing on the phone again, and Casa Del Los Hombres Blanco find a new sound. Also on this show The Reverend Doctor offers his thoughts on Paris Hilton, The Spice Girls, Eddie Murphy, Chris Benoit, J.K. Rowling, The Bunda Report, fireworks and much, much more!

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  1. Rodney said

    Sensational AS ALWAYS Doc!!!

    07/5/07 4:58 PM
  2. Geez said

    Already heard it… Thanks Doc Great Show!

    Still want to hear u sing with John Prine…

    Your show might be tomfoolery but i believe u to be a genuine good man.

    Keep Strokin… Geez

    07/5/07 5:37 PM
  3. Charles said

    Flipping GREAT show! Reverend Doctor you are the best! Thanks for all the laughs!

    07/5/07 6:13 PM
  4. Hilgy said

    Listen to the show loved it…don’t worry about not getting the name I thought that was cool Thanx Hilgy

    07/5/07 6:15 PM
  5. Beach John said

    Your very welcome man!! It wasn’t me it was Johnny Depp from one of his movies. Your really funny a FUCKIN BLAST!!! Anyway keep up the funny and keep in touch, later dude , John

    07/5/07 7:25 PM
  6. Sydney said

    I wants me some Reverend Doctor!!!

    07/5/07 9:28 PM
  7. i said

    hey Reverend Doctor. im so glad i found the show. OMFG it was like so funny that it made me laugh. im your newest member to of the nts faithful. cant wait until the next show comes out.

    07/6/07 4:36 PM
  8. Floyd Factor said

    You,… Yes YOU! Stand still, Reverend!!

    Another terrific show this week, Doc!! And speaking of Doc’s, here’s a quote from one we knows you know!

    “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free,
    and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”
    – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    Happy belated expatriot 4th of July, and if there’s a better hour of radio on the web, we ain’t heard it yet!! Viva la NTS Faithful!!

    We don’t need no education, indeed.

    Staying cool in the Canadian heat here, and waiting for our buds in Northern Harbour to sober up and get back to work… ;-)) Stay remarkably cool down there, and have a Bundalicious week!!

    Shine like the sun, Floyd Factor

    07/7/07 4:01 PM
  9. Steve said

    I’m planning a vacation there soon. There’s a few species of fish that I want to catch.
    I love the show, keep up the great work.

    07/7/07 8:55 PM
  10. Alamosa Hat Works said

    your a regular costa rican howard stern! now you need to get a hand made hat from me….make you look like a costa rican cowboy, hey that has a ring to it! we will take a picture of you and put it on my website for all the world to see, what do you think and maybe a link too…

    “The Costa Rican Cowboy”



    07/8/07 12:24 PM
  11. DaSailorMon said

    Dear Doc

    It is with some trepidation . . . actually a mild bit of reluctance vastly overshadowed by unabashed lust, signified by the gleam in my eye (both eyes to be honest) that I offer myself, semi-free of charge, to assist in judging your Miss NTS show contest. Being of sound mind and possessing navigational experience I think I could help.

    I want to help . . .

    07/8/07 1:43 PM
  12. Brad said

    Loved the prank call on this weeks show, keep up the good work. Your show is halarious.

    07/8/07 4:13 PM
  13. Mary B Cummings said

    Hey Baby,
    I am so sorry about Beaver U. I was planning on going there. Do you know if they will be takeing new students. I have tons of school pride and would love to show it to you and the world.Checkout my cheer
    HEY HEY Go to my Beaver HEY HEY Come to the Show HEY HEY Cum In my Beaver HEY HEY Lets Go!!

    Hope you like it
    My cheer that is!
    MBC AKA BJ Master

    07/9/07 12:18 PM
  14. Bunda Boy said

    Hey doc,
    Love the Bunda Report. Love the new show.
    Hey I got to tell you, last night I got two Bunda Buns and I was the hot dog!!
    As Quagmire would say Giggity Giggity Giggity!!
    Ohhhh Yeah!!!
    Love that Bunda!

    Hey if you hear from Manny from Miami tell him I would love to hear another story!!

    PS.. You and Tucker Max ROCK!!!

    07/9/07 1:00 PM
  15. Sean O'Simmons said

    Yes Hello Sir,
    I was infomed from the CIA that you are not dead.
    And my reports are never wrong, you are alive!!

    I was infomred from the CIA that you died in a plane crash. And my reports are never wrong, you are not alive!!

    Sorry to hear that you are dead! It must really suck!
    Warm regards to my good buddy Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
    I just love him!
    Good luck with that whole dead thing!
    See you when you come back to life!

    07/9/07 1:08 PM
  16. Richard L. Wood said

    Hey Doctor,
    If you are “The Costa Rican Cowboy”
    Then I must be “The Costa Rican Cow”
    Round me up big boy!!

    Miss Ya snuggle buns!
    Rick the Big Dick
    aka Your morning Wood

    07/9/07 1:12 PM
  17. Harry Von Putin said

    I just got my ass washed and Oh boy does it feel, look and of course smell good.
    I have had a problem with my ass for so long
    Thanks Rev for the ad..
    I didnt even know they could do that before you told me.
    Keep up the good shows and all the infomation!

    07/10/07 1:59 PM
  18. Stanley Wortz said

    Umm Yeah Mister yeah rev doctor yeah sir,
    Yeah I dont think this yeah Miss NTS show yeah contest is a yeah good idea. Yeah it is bad yeah when you show yeah women like that yeah. You should yeah show them with a yeah computer yeah or with Pokemon cards yeah.
    Well that is all yeah I have to say yeah.
    Stanley aka Stan

    07/11/07 2:36 PM
  19. Chainsaw said

    Can my bunny enter, she is very cute and wont kill you if she wins.

    And if she can not enter, I will let you know why they call me Chainsaw!!

    Thanks Pumpkin!

    07/11/07 2:39 PM
  20. A mad man that poops on DC said

    I want to give
    A Smack In Yo Damn Mouth
    All the people in politics just becuase they need one.
    Both Donkeys and Elephants!!
    Go to hell were you belong and stop F’N up my damn country
    (I guess yall in Costaland are not affected)

    07/11/07 3:03 PM
  21. Joe Munson said

    Love the show!
    After the Miss NTS.
    Have them play bikini football.
    Call it the Bunda Bowl I, then after the game do the Bunda Bowl II, who needs to wait a year!!

    Keep being that beacon we need in the darkness!

    07/13/07 11:46 AM
  22. Jack Robinson said

    Love the show. Have you ever thought to get Jessica Alba to be in the Miss NTS show?
    How about Eva?
    Just a thought

    07/17/07 11:15 AM
  23. ravyn whitehead said

    great show this time im looking forward to more! good day reverend.

    07/17/07 6:48 PM
  24. Walter said

    Dude you are too funny! Love the show, can’t wait to hear more!

    07/18/07 8:41 AM
  25. Johnny Sunshine said

    Hey there buddy doc
    This is johnny. I love the way you present the word of truth to the world. You are the greatest voice Ive ever heard.
    You rock the airwaves like betting refs rock the NBA.

    Hey by the way..F*&% Vick. He needs to burn and burn in Hell…

    07/20/07 1:21 PM
  26. Sean O'Simmons said

    Yes Sir.
    Hey man I just heave to be a little less formal. I got fired me from my job at the CIA because I would not turn you in. They found out that you are not dead.. But I got rid of the evidence. (Thank You)I may face jail time but hey your message is worth it. You just might see me in Costaland or in Mexiland with my friend Jose’ C (as I call him)
    I know you got a lot to say about this f’d up world we in today. Can’t wait fot the new episode.

    07/20/07 1:28 PM

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