July 21 2007 NTS Show

According to industry sources, the release of The Reverend Doctor’s eleventh show of the year was more widely anticipated than the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!! Word out of Costaland is that something is wrong with Doc, that Nodnarb somehow has something to do with it, and that Maddux is into practical jokes. Also on this show The Reverend Doctor offers his thoughts on Paris Hilton, The Beckham�s, Michael Vick, Martha Burk, Al Gore III, the mixing of patron and painkillers, and much, much more!

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  1. Kenneth said

    Doc, chicks dig the long ball and you my friend just went YARD!!! AGAIN!!! Fabulous show as always!!! Thanks for keeping us laughing!!!

    07/21/07 8:53 PM
  2. Tiffany said

    You crack me up good Reverend! Keep it up. —Tiff

    07/22/07 9:56 AM
  3. Steph said

    Thanks for contacting me Doc! I may have left Costa Rica and lost your number, as you say,…but I’ll NEVER forget you! And what was it of your’s that I left broken in Costa Rica?!?! HA! You are too funny sexy! Look forward to seeing you on my trip down in October! Muahhhh Steph

    07/22/07 12:08 PM
  4. Kaci said

    Phenomenal show as always wild man!!! You know Kaci loves her some Doc!!! BTW, thanks for showing that pic of my a$$ in your photo gallery!!! Ha! Kisses!!! —Kaci

    07/22/07 3:53 PM
  5. Kat said

    Great show doc!

    07/22/07 4:26 PM
  6. Carlton said

    Your Michael Vick material was tremendous!!! LMAO

    07/23/07 7:21 AM
  7. Mick said

    Love the smartass Maddux!

    07/23/07 9:50 AM
  8. Adam said

    “Actually my balls are kinda stuck to the chair” I spit the drink I was drinking all over my monitor! Thanks Doc!

    07/23/07 10:53 AM
  9. Floyd Factor said

    Salutations, Doc!

    Another AWESOME show! LOL @ Strutter!!

    Okay, keepin’ it brief here, but…

    – You can bash the French all you like, us Canucks do all the time! It’s a national hobby, except in Quebec, where Ameri-bashing remains retardedly popular.

    – We assume that Beaver Liquor is a Canadian product, right? Natch.

    – Sorry to hear about your busted clavicle. Patron & percocet will set you free, but do be moderate. Thanks for playing with pain this week!

    – Looking forward to the Miss NTS contest, and we’ll send some contestants down for your appraisal soon….

    Meriselaysis, and mahalo from Toroto!

    Floyd Factor – Canada’s Pink Floyd Experience

    07/23/07 6:33 PM
  10. Dave said

    I am thinking it is a prudent adventure to take in the Costa Rica sunsets with a hand on a marguerita and another hand on the lovely lady that brought it to me. Am enjoying the show again Doc and will continue to recruit for the contest. Hope you don’t mind if I keep a few for myself. LOL.

    07/25/07 12:06 AM
  11. Dave said

    OK Doc, who did you upset over at MySpace as your fine self has just up and disappeared. WTF is up with that? If you didn’t remove it I must surely protest to theose folks.

    07/26/07 11:48 PM
  12. Peeps The Reverend Doctor donth know wtf is going on at myspace. I am essentially locked out. As of 11:00pm 7/26 I was completely deleted from the system. Now I see I’m back but I can’t get in. I will keep you all posted. Thanks to all those who have inquired! TRD feels soooooo loved!!!

    07/27/07 5:30 AM
  13. Stanley Wortz said

    Yeah Hello There,

    How come you yeah have not called me back yeah. I called you yeah and you did not call me back. How come you did not call me yeah when I called you. Last night yeah I gave you a ring and you did not ring yeah me back. I was hopeing to yeah hear from you since you heard yeah from me. I was on the phone yeah with your voice mail last night and it didnt get back to me yeah . Please call me back yeah hen I call you.

    Yeah This is Stanley aka Stan yeah!

    07/27/07 11:41 AM
  14. Chainsaw said

    The only time when he gets in. He knows where I am. I try but my Bunny wont. Whenever I hear that. Once I was. Only if you left. What did it. As many as two. How was that going to. Help me I cant stop. Gas I ran out. Me size is. Only when I went to the hospital. White padded room. I love my Bunny. Where did you put it. Yo my mind. My own aahhh but is ohhh yoooo youuu. Are you the guy. Is there fire in your belly. I was not tough. I tend to like him. But do I have a rule. Does there have to be so many questions. Hillary Clinton sucked Bill’s balls. I am not crazy. Every corpartiona can go to any country. We are in Detriot. Big Oil does not rock. He is the greedy man. He is not evil. I wonder if Laura bangs W. Have you ever seen santa. Things have changed. I have no charm now. Were is the Gap and Old navy. I am global. Its Wal-Mart. God Bless it.
    So Doc let me know what you think.
    Love ya Pumpkin!

    07/27/07 11:51 AM
  15. Chainsaw said

    Ohh I forgot!

    You have also a guy that just put in a system that did not work! You are going to try to solve a problem. I just have not picked it yet. So tell me as soon as you know!

    07/27/07 11:54 AM
  16. Jackie B Socking said

    Hey Doc,

    If you see Nodnarb tell him that I do more than just socking!! Tell him to call me!!
    Tell him I think he is HOT!!! OHHH Baby!!

    Oh if you heare from Bunda Boy, tell him Im looking for him. He owes me an “O”, I gave him two!

    LOVE you and your staff!

    07/27/07 12:11 PM
  17. Bessie Young said

    You sir are a bad man. How dare you have a show like this. I am 88 years old, and I know good raio when I hear it. You sould get tips from Paul Harvey, he is what a radio man should sound like. You, Stern, and the likes need to be put in jail. If you were saying such things in my day, you would be in big trouble mister. I will be contacting my congressmsn about you!! I hope we can get you, your bad mouth, your sex talk, and drunk talk off the air. I will keep listening until then.

    07/27/07 12:29 PM
  18. Tamika Jones-Jones said

    I b havin chest pains and my heart b fullterin’ so yo ass needs to get backs at me bitch. I knows you outs dere wit dum hoez. If yo ass dont be comin home soon you goin to gives me a dam heart attack. I be already hurtin cause of yo ass. So check yo motherf*** self bitch. Fo I gives you a smack in yo damn mouth.

    07/27/07 2:05 PM
  19. Nelda Nurse said

    Loved the show! Thanks for the Happy Birthday… Was touched that you remembered. Ya should’ve checked with me about your shoulder,before taking those wicked pain killers…sometimes folks can sort of begin to enjoy those things and you seem to have one of those “personality types” – you know “addictive,” Anyway, keep it coming, it’s definitey real.

    07/30/07 6:00 AM
  20. Dana said

    Tell Nodnarb that prank phone calls to old ladies (or old men) are not funny! What the hell is wrong with him? Has decency and common sense not yet made their way to Costa Rica, or is he just a asshole?

    08/4/07 11:55 AM
  21. J-Rod said

    Whats up!!
    Been gone for a min. very b-iz-y

    YO its almost time for football !!!!
    How the Skins Doc?

    My Giants will Suck this year!


    08/10/07 8:47 AM
  22. Jack Vander said

    You are the greatest most enetertaing man in all of the world. I am a frequent listner and damn I am still impressed. I have no idea you are not on every radio station in the world. You are the best damn thing since… well the planet. Im sorry but I am just a big fan. Well cant wait to hear your stankin ass one mo gen. Keep it up (and I dont mean your microphone). Your faithful

    08/10/07 11:34 AM

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