August 13 2007 NTS Show

The Reverend Doctor’s twelfth show of the year is a masterpiece writes The New York Times! Word out of Costaland is that Doc is back from vacation and back from his MySpace exile�.but what the hell is wrong with him? Is he really losing it? It appears so!!! Tune in to find out the meaning behind his SPIN Magazine cover, why he has taken down all of his pictures from his website, and what is the epiphany he has had. Also on this show, The Reverend Doctor offers his thoughts on his vacation to The Keys, his exile from MySpace, George W, Karl Rove, mixing Patron and painkillers, Madden �08, Elvis Presley, Brittney & K-Fed, Nicole Ritchie, and much much more. Plus, Fred and Mordecai are introduced to The NTS Faithful.

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  1. Dave said

    Another outstanding effort DOC! And the recruitment process continues!

    08/14/07 1:37 AM
  2. Geez said

    “the Pilgrim” u & me Doc… Geez

    08/14/07 3:42 AM
  3. Lou said

    Great show man!

    08/14/07 5:04 PM
  4. Lou said

    LMFAO!!! Love the show!

    08/14/07 5:05 PM
  5. Norm said

    Never felt the need to post a message before but this show was off the charts! Keep it up doc and don’t let Whitey steal your soul!

    08/15/07 5:30 AM
  6. Tony said

    that kris kristofferson song was tops doc.

    08/15/07 7:15 AM
  7. Scott said

    Here’s to getting hopped up, great show!

    08/15/07 7:44 AM
  8. Rick said

    The whole backmasking bit was freaking genius and I am talking better than NORMAN Einstein! Loved your use of “Carmel Macchiato” and your translation of it had me LMAO!

    08/15/07 8:06 AM
  9. Greg said

    That was outstanding, Your banner is still flying high on MySpace.

    08/15/07 10:39 AM
  10. Lindsey said

    Keep right on getting hopped up on patron and painkillers if your gonna keep putting out shows like this!

    08/15/07 10:45 AM
  11. Jeffery said

    Thank you for using my voicemail on the air Reverend Doctor. I loved it! And BTW I am pasty so that was really funny to.

    08/15/07 11:01 AM
  12. Sydney said

    Who is this Sasha bitch? I will tear her eyes out!

    08/15/07 11:17 AM
  13. Nicholas said

    Doc I tried your hot tottie concoction yesterday day around 11:30am and I am just waking up! Slept right thru my shift at Outback last night. Could you write me a medical note so I don’t get fired? Thanks

    08/15/07 11:37 AM
  14. Floyd Factor said

    LMAO!! Pebs, you’re a freakin’ riot! We wish they all could be Canadian girls, eh Doc?

    GREAT show this week, Doc! The psychic listener response made us spit our beer out!

    And your choice of musical interludes was even more profoundly excellent than usual!! How sweet to hear Rocks Off…

    So how was the Keys? No, really? Any money left? LMAO! We hope you know that when we said you should try bonefish-ing, we were talking about the fish, right? Maddux? Yee gads…

    Summer is already slightly on the wane up here, but we’re off to Montreal this weekend to deliver some Pink Floyd to les Quebecois. We will of course refer all Miss NTS contestants to you directly, after thorough screening.

    What happened to the pussyshark photo that we so bravely snapped? Don’t tell us Tom is afraid of the pussyshark too?… Ironic, since Tom’s such a pussy. Maybe Northern Harbour told him the fish was naked… the bastards. 😉

    And welcome back to YourSpace, BTW! We would’ve soon boycotted….

    Keep that drink in your hand & that toe in the sand, and may the assholes in your new professional life remain few & far between.

    Shine on compadre, Floyd Factor (Toronto)

    08/15/07 4:35 PM
  15. Pete said

    Doc, you’re the funniest fucker out there!

    08/15/07 7:38 PM
  16. Arctic Pimp said

    Great Show !!!!! Hope the Keys were good to you. Gotta love having your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand !!!!!! Love the music and you of all people should know that The Pimp loves him some BOOKERS !!!!!! FUCK MYSPACE !!!!!! Peace, PIMP

    08/15/07 9:41 PM
  17. Mac said

    Berry Berry Guud Sho!

    I lovd ya sho. It b guud. I hearded y sho everyztyme, iz laff alls d tymes. Kepps ups d guud wuurk.

    08/17/07 11:28 AM
  18. melissa said

    good one doc. xoxoxoxo

    08/17/07 4:51 PM
  19. Jack Pelfrey said

    Hey buddy,
    Just loved the last show!!!
    You are still the best after all these years..
    Love the Miss NTS!

    Keep up all the good work!

    Hey maybe we can go and find some bunda like the old days.

    08/24/07 12:08 PM
  20. the number 1 nts faithful and the number 1 reverend doctor fan who loves the show so much and is looking forward to every nts show coming up and is a dedicated listener for life and cant get enough of the show said

    Hey RD wat up? great show as always. keep it up. im looking forward to the next show.

    08/27/07 10:25 PM
  21. the number 1 nts faithful and the number 1 reverend doctor fan who loves the show so much and is looking forward to every nts show coming up and is a dedicated listener for life and cant get enough of the show said

    Hey RD wat up? great show as always. keep it up.

    08/27/07 10:25 PM
  22. Stanley Wortz said

    Hey there
    I have been out of town at the yeah wiki convention. I was learning how a bring about the downfall of yeah google and brake up there plans for global domination yeah . I hope that you can spread the word about this impending yeah event. yeah I hope that you are like a roach and can withstand all of it.
    I missed the last yeah show and I have another convention yeah to go to. I will listen to it when I get back from my yeah training session with the cast of Fox’s hit show Herman’s Head yeah. I hope you can make it another few days yeah with out me. I will be thinking of you yeah.

    08/29/07 1:01 PM
  23. Chainsaw said


    thats my new song that i wrote. is it not just the best lyrics ever. i was thinkin’ of having my bunny sing it.

    how about this lyric….

    we bulit this city we built this city on rock and roll

    i love it

    can you have my bunny sing it on your show

    hey if not….

    you will really find out why they call me chainsaw

    thanks pumpkin

    08/30/07 12:12 PM

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