September 15 2007 NTS Show

The Reverend Doctor’s fourteenth effort of the year is off the freaking chain!!! Dick Blaque of Alcohol Weekly writes, “The NTS Show is like Booker’s Bourbon the more you consume of it, the more intoxicated you gets!!!” News out of Costaland is that The Reverend Doctor is back and in full swing!!! Tune in as the newly coroneted Queen of Costaland gives her first on air interview. Also, on the show The Reverend Doctor explains where he was last show, and gives his thoughts on Owen Wilson, Halley Berry, Steven Fossett, Senator Larry Craig, OJ Simpson, Patriot-Gate and much much more!!!

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  1. Artimus Wrangler said

    Howzit Melissa my dear, you sound as lovely as you are. Tomorrow night in Miami I shall lift a Patron enhanced margarita in your honor! Sorry you missed the Hawaii trip but there is a tropical toast in your future…. that is if that crazy ass parrot will stop screwing with the turbines on the jet.

    Doc you are as brilliant as ever, gives me chicken skin to listen to the show. And I AM TRYING TO CALL. If I have to smack that Nodnarb again I will fly all the way to Costaland to do it. Last week he answered the phone, said ‘OH yes, one moment’ and never came back. You better check to see if you are missing any Patron.

    Later my good man, later. The tropics are calling.

    09/16/07 4:20 PM
  2. Mikey Likes It! said

    Just listened to the new show. The interview with Melissa was great! I was kinda thinking about going all the way back to the third grade myself. Not sure if I would learn much about anything except maybe/hopefully anatomy but she would be a great teacher!

    09/16/07 5:38 PM
  3. -HuNt- said

    ReV, the madden piece was fukin great!!! I cant wait to get home to drunk and stoned and listen to it again!!!! Im gonna fukin piss my pants for sure!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!! Will be waiting for the next show once again!!!!!!


    09/16/07 5:44 PM
  4. Phins said

    Off the chain like always good rev!!! Loved Melissa’s interview too!!!

    09/16/07 5:52 PM
  5. trav said

    loved the show, great as always.. melissa sounds as pretty as she looks… love the laugh.

    09/16/07 6:28 PM
  6. Larry said

    Great show doc! Loved Melissa and your karaoke with the Mrs. Reverend Doctor!

    09/16/07 8:22 PM
  7. Gonzo said

    Doc, great show as always compadre! Thanks for glossing me over the Madden/Summerall clip. My email has blown up with people saying they heard it! But I must that you are one packrat my friend! I mean I sent you that clip like 5 years ago! ROCK ON! -Gonzo

    09/17/07 8:20 AM
  8. Cabana Boy said

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    09/17/07 11:56 AM
  9. Courtney Gee said

    Hey thanks for a great show! I think Melissa Beach Coma is so hot! I would love to go to her Beaver U!!

    09/17/07 12:09 PM
  10. mike said

    Thanks for the birthday sout out! much appreciated! The show is as crazy as always. Melissa’s interview was great,and the Madden piece was hilarious!! I don’t have to remind you that there’s always a seat at my bar and a drink waitin’ for ya here in LAS VEGAS. Make sure you tell me when.
    Later my man. There seems to be a shot of PATRON callin’ my name. :}

    09/17/07 6:42 PM
  11. Jenna said

    loved the show! you sound so sexy when you talk. i’d love to be interviewed by you anytime!

    09/19/07 9:02 AM
  12. Northern Harbour said

    Well, well, our goooood Doctor!!

    Sorry we we’re a little slow to check in, but you know how computers can be – we’re writin’ from the laptop right now, enjoying the evening by the pool, on what’s likely going to be the last balmy night of the year here in Margaritaville North.

    We spit a signifigant amount of otherwise perfectly good beer out laughing at the Salute to Fantasy Football ad… “Not too good at catching…” LOL!!!

    Enjoyed the DLR Gigilo opener, too! Just about a perfect choice, once again!! And “Number 6” was funnier than 20 lawyers in a dumpster! And you can’t go wrong with Blues Traveller, can you? Speaking of music, may we suggest Lawyers, Guns, and Money by Warren Zevon sometime, since it never fails to remind us of you every time we hear it. And now Melissa, too. Plus it’s perfect for your velvety voice, too. Trust us, we is experts!

    But most importantly, we would like to get a message to Miss NTS, the lovely Melissa – if you just pretend to be the good Doctor’s attorney, we’ll be happy to pay a retainer for her advisement & general representation, at least until you pass the bar exam, and become unaffordable. Needless to say, working with Northern Harbour & the Good Docotor will present many opportunities to get first hand exposure to the legal systems in several countries and republics.

    In conclusion, Reverend, we gotta say that this last show was maybe the best one yet! And one more thing, give our best to the Mrs. Reverend Doctor, but… friends don’t let friends do karioke.

    Mahalo, and meryselayses. And tell the Costaland consulate people that the cheque is in the mail – they can stop calling at odd hours!

    Growing older but not up, yer pals in one particular Northern Harbour

    09/19/07 8:20 PM
  13. Steven said

    Move over Larry King…The good reverend will be taking your place SOON!!! Your interview with Melissa ROCK BALLS Doc!!! She sounded so fucking sexy and your handled her phenomenally!!!

    09/19/07 11:09 PM
  14. Archer said

    Nice work big man! LMAO at Nodnarb singing in his room…thats good shit! Thanks for the laughs!

    09/20/07 6:04 AM
  15. Sydney said

    The Mrs. Reverend Doctor has a lovely voice! 😉 xoxo

    09/20/07 9:05 AM
  16. Bunda Boy said

    Hey Doc,
    Just back from my Summer Vacation..Damn you need to go to Brazil. Damn those Amazon freaks got the Bunda on and popin’. Wish you could be there. There drinks are pretty nice too. Well Im back and ready for some more tips to get more bunda!!!!

    Miss NTS OMG!!! Just how hot is she?!!!!

    TRD 4 Prez in 08 !!!!!

    09/26/07 2:04 PM

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