October 06 2007 NTS Show

Steve Stiffler of American Pie fame writes, “In his fifteenth show of the year The Reverend Doctor rocks out with his cock out!!!” News out of Costaland is that MySpace has kilt The Reverend Doctor’s profile page and he has plenty to say about it!!! Tune in as Doc bangs the drum for Freedom of Speech, Expression, & Choice, Dr. Azebo drops by, The NTS Faithful sound off on Doc’s MySpace assassination, and we find out just who The Sandy Rebel Rousers are. This and much much more on the latest episode of The NTS Show.

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  1. Kevin said

    Tremendous show Doc! How do I sign up to fight with the Sandy Rebel Rousers?

    10/7/07 9:57 PM
  2. Tom said

    I feel that you unjustly slamming me Mr. Reverend Doctor….Hahaha!!! Loved the show and thanks for playing that call you made to Shana!!! Keep up the good work Doc!!! BTW this is Darius, NOT TOM!!! Hahaha

    10/8/07 6:51 AM
  3. Carly said

    You are too much! I love it! One of your best shows yet! xoxo Carly

    10/8/07 8:43 AM
  4. Teddy said

    grate show doc. you crack me up.

    10/9/07 7:46 AM
  5. Robin said

    That call Nodnarb did was too funny! I want more! Keep up the good work Doc and thanks for making me laugh!

    10/9/07 8:39 AM
  6. Rob said

    The phone call was GREAT! Cracked me up! Thanks for the mention on the show. Oh yeah, FUCK My Space!

    10/10/07 1:44 PM
  7. Gues who? said

    As always a treat. Looking forward to the next installment

    10/10/07 4:08 PM
  8. Tarzan said

    me tarzan you funny! Great show as always my friend! Keep them coming!

    10/10/07 8:58 PM
  9. Saint -HuNTeR- said

    ToM can kiss my ass!!!!! Rev, wut people are jealous of, they will try and stop!! Just remember that. Its people like u that made myspace wut it was anyways!! I dont miss that shit one bit, im way more stoked about my faithful status “upgrade” than i ever was about anything on myspace…well maybe the chicks. Nah, fuck it, never needed myspace for that either, PIMPIN!!!!

    A Sandy Rebel Rouser!!!!

    10/10/07 11:56 PM
  10. Saint -HuNTeR- said

    Oh, and i sincerely apologize for my delay on tuning in, definitely my loss….. it’ll never happen again!! hahaha!!! No seriously, it wont!!!!

    Excellent show from beginning to end, as always!!!

    -NTS Faithful-

    10/11/07 12:04 AM
  11. Charles said

    You are the best Doc! Keep it up!

    10/19/07 9:35 AM
  12. Rick said

    Outstanding show Doc!

    I just deleted MY myspace account because my editors of myspace page (ME) felt that Tom and his braindead crew don’t deserve to be handling my personal page as they seem to be exercising cyber-censorship. This kind of bullshit was the same kind of crap that Hitler used to build his popularity, and we all know where that got him.

    You can find me on Yuwie, at http://www.yuwie.com/dickeazy

    I’ll be listening LIVE AND LOCAL to you soon Doc, as I am on my way to Paradise myself next year. I’ve had enough of the false American Dream myself….

    10/20/07 7:05 PM

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