December 31 2007 NTS Show

It’s Christmas time in Costaland!!! Tune in as Doc sits behind the mic for the final time in ’07. Robert Dicky of Time Magazine writes, “After hearing this show I am convinced we got our 2007 Man Of The Year all wrong…it should have been The Reverend Doctor.” Tune in as Doc takes The NTS Show into uncharted waters with the eighteenth and final show of the year.

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  1. Rodney said

    Let me be the first to congratulate on a FREAKIN AWESOME SHOW! Well worth the wait my good man!

    01/1/08 4:22 PM
  2. Courtney said

    you never cease to amaze me doc! loved this show!

    01/1/08 4:23 PM
  3. Lil said


    01/2/08 1:38 AM
  4. melissa said

    you are so great to dedicate the show to my little angel Haley who saved my life. i liked the rapping u did and i cannot believe you are giving up college girls???!!!! lol!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

    01/4/08 7:18 PM
  5. audrey webb said

    k, i dont care about coments i just want to see a funny show or something. id even exept a weird picture. and if you do have funny shows how do i get to them????

    01/12/08 11:31 PM
  6. Artimus Wrangler said

    You crazy ass Reverend, one two three margaritas and I am running away from armed guards through driving snow in Hubei… managed to escape to Tokyo where I found myself in the hands of armies of short skirted, cute young Japanese girls and their boots and their lovely eyes and their and their and their AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…..

    If I ever do find myself… I might just deliberately get lost next time LOL.

    Where are my damn Jeep keys when I need them.

    Artimus T. Wrangler

    02/2/08 4:00 AM
  7. Pascagoula Pete, The Tiki Lounge said

    Loved the show,Good things come to those who wait, and its sooo true.I raise my glass of dr.spice to you, ahhhhhh cheers!!!!!!!!!!

    02/14/08 1:18 PM

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