April 11 2008 NTS Show

It’s been THREE months but Doc is BACK… need more be said? Tune in to find out where the hell Doc has been and to answer his only question, “Are You Still Amongst The NTS Faithful?”

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  1. Floyd Factor said

    Holy crap,… Doc!!

    Man, we were gettin’ worried. Usually rehab stays last no more than a month.

    We’re just sinking our teeth into the new show, but thanks for comin’ back!!

    Mereselaysais(sp) & shine on, Steve http://www.floydfactor.com

    04/12/08 10:41 PM
  2. melissa queen of costaland said

    bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb iran…… that song is now stuck in my head! c.j. and ur b.j., that dream will come true for u!!! haha! u played my voice mail, and dave (artimus), yay!!! and that one chic needs to lay off the valium (iii meeesseee uuuu!!!) lol, have a shot instead girly! Pete is angry, pete he’s back!!! YAY! NAUGHTY NATASHA MY COUSIN! loved it Doc. don’t dare stay away so long!!!

    04/12/08 10:52 PM
  3. MÃGÍ© said

    Outstanding..Outstanding…Outstanding…as always
    as one of the faithful..we just know that’s your style…bravo my good man..
    I keep getting e-mails that I should buy my little piece of heaven in Costa Rica now…are you selling real estate on the side ?
    Proud to call you “friend”

    04/12/08 11:22 PM
  4. Artimus said

    Well my good man it is about time you reared your head and let her fly! And I thought I was on a long vacation finding myself, hell you were just plain lost!

    Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshiper? He sold his soul to Santa…

    04/12/08 11:37 PM
  5. Fred said

    Glad you liked my email regarding emeritus reverend doctor and glad you are back! You have been missed!

    04/13/08 5:59 AM
  6. Lauren said

    Doc playing “East Bound And Down” as you jumped on Sammy was GENIUS! And the imagery of you flying on a giant sombero naked and hungover was TOO MUCH! I absolutely LOVED it! Damn I have missed you!

    04/13/08 6:32 AM
  7. Ryan said

    Doc can you send me Calypso’s address?!

    04/13/08 8:15 AM
  8. Jenn said

    You still got it Doc! I go from being pissed off to laughing my ass off in a matter of seconds! Stay sexy!

    04/13/08 8:20 AM
  9. GASP Magazine Editor in Chief said

    Thanks to Chris and the Reverend for the mention of our magazine.

    We welcome all Indie horror films, art and stories.


    04/13/08 11:25 AM
  10. PASCAGOULA said

    Glad you are back.The natives were getting very restless.DR SPICE for all and to all a good nite

    04/13/08 6:56 PM
  11. A Pirate in Exile said

    Good to hear from you Doc !!!

    Thank you !!!

    04/16/08 4:13 AM
  12. mike said

    Good to hear your show again!!!! Downloaded it so I can listen again.
    Laterz Doc,
    Mike :}

    04/19/08 10:40 PM
  13. Floyd Factor said

    Hey, Good Doctor!!

    Mahalo to Costaland from the tepid North! May the great Buford T. Justice take a likin’ to ya’ today!

    Hope yer’ hanging in down there, and not enriching the local legislators to any compromising degree. 😉

    Loved the new show – meant to leave another comment on the NTS site… Dug the political content(!), but I think you your Rev. Wright “like it or leave it” thing was a fine wink coming from an ex-patriate such as yourself. LOL! We’ll have to get an email question in to ya’… Let me think about that one…

    But I was just glad for your return – we was actually gettin’ kinda worried. Anyway, glad to hear it was just a woman. That shit happens, always alarmingly unannounced… Rio, you lucky sea turd!! Never been…

    We’re not on tour, just laying low. Northern Harbour’s keeping me personally busy right now, and Floyd Factor is producing our own big theatre shows here this summer. So one band is in production reheasals, and the other one is in paid production rehearsals… 😉

    Mas Patron, amigo. Keep the shows comin’ – momentum will build again, until the next bikini shanghai…

    Nodnarb for prez!! Keep the retard white house streak alive! 😉

    Yer pal(s), Steve / FF & NH

    04/27/08 12:08 PM
  14. jay said

    Greetin’s from oHIo! Just want 2 say hey on the show,give props 2 the show.Drunk here! Totally love the show.Comin’ 2 check the shit down there!

    05/5/08 3:23 AM

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