June 03 2008 NTS Show

It’s just his second show of the year but it is vintage Doc and an instant classic! Tune in to see what makes Rolling Stone rave, “Just when we thought he might be losing a step he shows us all why he’s The Reverend Doctor!”

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  1. Jim said

    Thanks for answering my question Doc! You lucky bastard!!! 22 women in a spring broken season? I haven’t seen 22 in my life! Keep up the good work Doc! Love Ya!

    06/5/08 9:11 AM
  2. Melissa queen 07 said

    hey, i got an all expense paid trip to costaland! go ladies!!! ya’ll are rockin’ with ur pics! hottie pa totties!
    hello all new ppl, esp hula girl in okla! Thats my GIRL!!!
    xoxo MELISSA ROBERTSON i love my Doc!!!! great show as always my main man!!!

    06/7/08 1:50 AM
  3. Hula Girl at heart in Okla said

    Hello my Melissa Goddess Queen, YOU ROCK!!!
    Doc you are the Man.

    06/7/08 1:00 PM
  4. Steve said

    Doc outstanding show as always! You are the man!

    06/7/08 9:17 PM
  5. Kaje said

    My Dearest, Most Esteemed Reverend Doctor,

    Hallelujah & Heavens to Mergatroid! You’re back and better than ever. Thanks for that nice tune & don’t worry about the reviews. Tom Waits & Leo Kotke both sing, so you can too. Really enjoyed it all, ‘specially the political commentary.

    Sorry ‘Big Brown’ suffered such a ‘Brownout’ at the last moment. Nice starting position. Weather was unusually hot. Belmont’s a 1-1/2 mile so you never know… we were hoping for another triple but maybe next year.

    Things going very well here on planet kaje. Promise I’ll keep you up to date.

    sinceramentally yrs,


    06/8/08 10:28 AM
  6. Artimus Wrangler said

    Good morning Doc, as I sit here listening to the latest installment I can’t help but think how hard it will be to top Miss Melissa as the Queen of Costaland. Miss Melissa is one super hot bundalicious mama and a good friend of the Wrangler. I for one have had my fingers crossed she will get a new Jeep soon as she just don’t look right in a Honda Civic or such soulless vehicles.

    I am sending you a recommendation for the next Queen. She is a fine example of young ladies raised in the islands of Hawaii.

    Great show as always, will be calling soon. I am feeling like a touch of craziness is in order.

    06/8/08 12:24 PM
  7. Nate said

    Your shows always brighten up my day Doc. You have got to start putting them out on the regular.

    06/8/08 3:20 PM
  8. Kelly said

    Your singing is sooo sexy Doc! I have got to meet you!

    06/11/08 8:15 AM
  9. Mike said

    I’ve been lazy on gettin’ here. Downloaded the newest show. Thanks Doc!! Loved it!! Always good to hear your show. Take care my man.
    Mike :}

    06/11/08 2:03 PM
  10. Floyd Factor said

    Eh…. What’s up, Doc?!

    Okay, this latest show is a GEM!! Started with big laughs, and never let up! “Chip Away” was a fantastic choice for the opener, btw…

    We wanna know how you get to be a Mac Daddy, and get our name on some big ol’ titties, too. Rev. Wright might make an entertaining guest sometime…

    So you’re sounding a bit more like your old self – I take it that Rio has worked it’s way through your system, finally.

    Happy belated Cinqo de Mayo, btw! You woulda made a stupendous grand marshall! Heavens to mergatroid, indeed!

    Nodnarb – more Patron!!! The Rev won’t miss one bottle – just put some stamps on it, and give it to the carrier pelican… it’ll get here.

    Hope Melissa is doin’ good – we haven’t kept up with our attorney like we should have.

    Abstinence? Isn’t that that expensive liquer?… We don’t drink that shit at all.

    Kennedy’s liver was replaced with small grapefruit many years ago, btw. I beleive they found a brain on his tumor this time…

    Good on you for recognizing Memorial Day. We remember them, and the sacrifice they made. And we remember the sick fucks who orchestrated the wars they fought, and who profited from them. And the War Pigs are gonna BUUUURN!!!

    But lo, we digress… American Idle blows – next time you’re watchin’ that show, pour a drink and get outside… Kareoke contests are not a farm system for real musicians. Pretty soon there will be no real musicians making records…

    RIP Bo Diddley & Harvey Korman.

    We love Tatum O’neil, but we don’t care so much for crack. The crazy dyke!!

    MAHALO Doc & the NTS gang – keep up the great work M. Wilson! You stole our dream job…

    Shine like the sun… Floyd Factor

    06/13/08 11:01 AM
  11. ALL OF US said

    They get better and better Doc. Keep on keeping on….signed ALL OF US!

    06/13/08 11:22 AM
  12. Kenny said


    Thanks 4 inviting me to your show!! It was excellent!!!! Keep doing the good work! Peaceout4now!!!

    06/14/08 12:29 AM

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