Miss NTS Show Contest ’08 Announced

Ladies and Gentlemen on this third day of June in the two thousandth and eighth year of our Lord, The Reverend Doctor is proud to announce….. The Second Annual Miss NTS Show Contest. I’m looking for the hottest, the sexiest, the baddest lady out there amongst The NTS Faithful! If you think you gots what it takes to be crowned Queen of Costaland ’08 then let me hear from ya!!! Registration for this contest couldn’t be easier!!! Just send us a pic or a few along with all the official particulars on how to get in touch with ya to trd@ntsshow.com Once Nodnarb, Maddux, R.E., and The Reverend Doctor have determined we have enough quality contestants we will send out an email about the voting process (probably mid-July-ish).

Checkout the ladies who have already registered

See The Contestants

Now the question I’m sure everyone is asking is…what’s the grand prize? And the answer to that my peeps is….THE SAME AS LAST YEAR BABYPOPS…. an all expenses paid trip to NO WHERE!!! Being crowned Queen of Costaland is about BRAGGING RIGHTS ONLY!!! But the winner will be featured on The NTS Show’s website as well as The Reverend Doctor’s myspace page and she will be ADORED by ALL THE NTS FAITHFUL FOREVER….which is PRICELESS!!! Just ask the Queen of Costaland ’07 Ms. Melissa Robertson.

Good Luck & Marisleysis To All
The Reverend Doctor

5 Comment(s)

  1. Pascagoula said

    I am am so glad I am not the judge, my goodness, loving those ladies !!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! Pascagoula!!

    06/5/08 11:26 PM
  2. Melissa queen 07 said

    Some beautiful ladies, gonna be a really tough decision! Love ya girls!

    06/8/08 1:55 AM
  3. travis said

    Some foxy ladies on here doc! I’ll be voting, just no way to tell for who, they are all smokin hot!

    06/10/08 12:15 AM
  4. Melissa queen 07 said

    It has come to my attention that some ppl are leaving rude comments on these lovely women that are brave enough to enter a contest in a bikini…Be nice everyone, or if you can’t, go put a bikini on and let us judge u…I had some negative comments too last yr, don’t let it bother ya ladies….some ppl just can’t handle a beautiful girl having fun and being herself!!! xoxo Good Luck!

    06/18/08 9:40 PM
  5. NaughtyN said

    screw anyone who hates on me! I am a good person, and I know I am pretty, which is WHY i entered this contest…I don’t care if i win, just respect the bitches. pleeze!

    06/25/08 2:22 AM

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