Pictures From Nodnarb’s Presidential Rally In San Francisco 6/29/08

Here are some pictures taken by Pascagoula Pete at Nodnarb’s Presidential rally in San Francisco on June 29, 2008. For those of you NOT “In The Know”…. Nodnarb is running for President as an Independent on The Bunda Ticket. His platform is simple….Legalize Ass, Legalize Grass!!!

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  1. Great job again Pete! You are always Johnny On The Spot! Thanks for all your help! —Doc

    06/29/08 4:03 PM
  2. Melissa queen 07 said

    Thats who I’m voting for!!!!! fo sure!

    06/30/08 12:22 AM
  3. Pascagoula said

    Glad i could help. But the candy man can…. but…… i said no! The weather was great! The bunda, and the grass was too! It was a big triumph for Nodnarb!! His speech was a little rambling but i got the point! He is still the one! ….. Pascagoula.

    06/30/08 9:15 AM
  4. Professor J Von Skippy said

    Nodnarb rocks and so does

    11/28/08 10:02 AM

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