August 16 2008 NTS Show

Doc’s back from an extended vacation and is happy as hell to be behind the BIG mic once again! Tune in to see where the hell Doc’s been, to hear about the new website he has launched, to hear the latest on Nodnarb’s Presidential run, and to get an update on the Miss NTS Show Contest. Doc also gives his thoughts on George Carlin, Bernie Mac, Brett Favre, Anheuser-Busch, Elvis, The Pro Football Hall Of Fame, Ice Goblins, and much, much more!

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  1. Kevin said

    Awesome show as always Doc! Love ya man!

    08/17/08 12:56 PM
  2. phred said

    im a star,lol..thanks for the shout out Rev…

    08/17/08 2:14 PM
  3. Denise said

    Best show yet.

    08/17/08 3:30 PM
  4. Artic Pimp said

    Doc you never let us down! Long live the King of Costaland! Keep up the good work my friend!

    08/17/08 3:53 PM
  5. Johnny on The Border said

    Nice show amigo! And the Goldschlager bit was hysterical. You’re even more cracked than I am.

    Thanks for the “highlight segment,” by the way. Didn’t expect that, and I think it took the edge off my hangover. I guess yer doin’ some good in the world. hahahaha

    If Natasha doesn’t win, something’s wrong.

    Long live the King (just keep him off the pills),

    08/17/08 4:02 PM
  6. Kokomo Joe said

    Wooooooo Hoooooooo, I’m FAMOUS! Excellent show Rev. I put your banner up on Myspace and on

    08/17/08 7:52 PM
  7. Geeze said

    Carlin on religion… Religion and the States sell hope! Religion with a Savior, the State with a lottery… the nearer death more “hope” for a Savior. The nearer broke the more “hope” for a winning ticket! Would the world be a better place without “hope”? Either way in the end you get your ticket!

    I “hope” there is more… Carlin now knows.

    “Chicago” song writer said it best “swear there ain’t no heaven, pray there ain’t no hell!”

    08/17/08 8:53 PM
  8. Artimus Wrangler said

    Thanks for the shout out Doc on the 34th anniversary of my 18th birthday. Expect a full report of recent activities soon. All I can say in the interim is when you meet Hawaiian women that have had half their brains removed… RUN.

    08/18/08 1:54 AM
  9. Paul said

    Thanks for reading my email on the air Doc! You Rock! Great show!

    08/18/08 7:35 AM
  10. Pascagoula Pete King of the : jamaican Airwaves said

    Always a true enjoyment.However I may hold off on releasing my podcast till your next one clears the airwaves, or the world may spin backwards on its axis!!It would be too much for the ladies to handle!! I am sure of that!

    08/22/08 10:27 PM
  11. Pascagoula Pete King of the : jamaican Airwaves said

    The king haunts my compound , late at night my toilet flushes all by it self…. very strange!or maybe its the tidy bowl man!or the tidy bowl man as Elvis, or maybe i have to stop doing those bowls before bedtime!!

    08/22/08 11:40 PM
  12. melissa queen 07 said

    Wonderful job again doc!!! Loved the show! Love u! 😉
    XOXO melissa!

    08/25/08 10:19 PM
  13. Kaje said

    My Esteemed Rev. Doctor,

    “Legalize Ass and Grass” is a great slogan. But we should also ensure preferred parking for pot smokers, insert that in the platform.

    I forgot about that lovely George Carlin bit about the BS dept. we will miss George — who else out there on the horizon can follow him? No doubt someone will step up to the task.

    But I disagree with Johnny from the Border and his theory of the Ice Goblins. Dude, I read a story years ago in “Weekly World News” and the true reason the ice caps are depleting is because teen-age space aliens are raiding the poles for “party ice.”

    Zartron: “All your ice are belong to us!”

    In other news, real excitement here in Hell’s Kitchen. Had a wisdom tooth (previously removed) that somehow regenerated itself and grew back. I thought it would have to be removed (it was moving back and forth). But two nites ago the fucker fell out whilst Kaje was asleep. Thank goodness I woke up to spit the thing out.

    So keep us laughing, keep givin’ those college grads a reason to party, and keep shoutin’ out. You are always a great guy.

    Mucho gratis,

    08/28/08 11:27 AM
  14. naughTt NaTasha said

    Wow…Your show is THE BEST!!!! I hope to be your NaughTy QUEEN….Thanks for havin me in the contest with such beautiful women but VOTE NATASHA!!!!!!!!!!! REV is one sexy biTch….
    luv ya’ll

    08/29/08 5:11 PM
  15. Josh said

    You should be very proud being a spokesman for the RETARDS of the world! BTW send yourself a FREE trippy dvd!!!

    09/24/08 5:15 AM

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