The Reverend Doctor’s Life Story

WHO is The Reverend Doctor?

That question is asked ALOT! William Mason, aka The Reverend Doctor, was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on February 9, 1972. They say that some people are born to do a certain thing in this here life and The Reverend Doctor was born to broadcast. He first sat behind the microphone for a live broadcast on his father’s radio show at the age of five. He was an instant hit with the audience and made countless appearances on his father’s show over the next four years. At the age of nine he landed his very own show naming it The NTSH Show. When asked by his mother why he named it The NTSH Show he replied “Cause that’s what it’s about woman… Nonsense, Tomfoolery, Shenanigans and Hijinks.” Over the next twenty-one years The Reverend Doctor tirelessly worked at building his fandom of listeners which he lovingly referred to as “The NTS Faithful.”

On the eve of his thirtieth birthday The Reverend Doctor decided that he had seen way too much in too few years… so he gave up his show to pursue a life in the tropics. An avid reader of F. Scott Fitzgerald The Reverend Doctor had always fancied the idea of living abroad…of becoming an expatriate. So he faked his death on January 1, 2002, grew a beard, got weird, and moved to the Talamanca mountains of Costa Rica where he figured to live out the rest of his natural life in seclusion studying the lost dead tongue of Obunloopalopa which is indigenous to the mountains.

Five years later, The Reverend Doctor realized that a life of seclusion was not exactly his cup of Patron. A notorious ladies man and a self-proscribed “Connoisseur Of All Things Gato” he recently agreed to an interview with an amateur Costa Rican HAM radio operator in order to lay out his reasons for returning to the airwaves. “First off, I’m BROKE! Drank it all away! Ha! I’m kidding! I guess I just realized that the dead tongue of Obunloopalopa was… well… DEAD!… and it is dead for a reason! I mean I have enough trouble speaking American, why I want to fuck around with something that has been dead for thousands of years? But the main reason I’m back is that I’m BROKE! Did I tell you that already??? No, no, no, I’m just kidding about being broke! Really, I’m back for, well….THE PUSSY!!! Life to me is all about THE PUSSY… and believe me The Show gets The Reverend Doctor ALOT of Gato!!!”

So for all The NTS Faithful the wait is over!!! The Reverend Doctor is back and broadcasting The NTS Show from the mountains of Costa Rica. Tune in to for the usual assortment of nonsense, tomfoolery, and shenanigans that is The NTS Show.

NOTE: Many an inquiring mind has asked so we thought you would like to know. The Reverend Doctor was asked in an interview by Rolling Stone Magazine recently, several years ago, about what happened to the “H” which was originally in the name of The Show. He went on a ten minute incoherent Patron fuel diatribe that no one understood. All that was decipherable was something about someone pissing in his ear, playing the game, and sisters being the rake in the game of life!!! To this day no one really knows what happened to the “H” !!!

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  1. Charlene said

    Maybe some High Hippie pranksters Hijacked the Hijinks. Hell, I Hate when that Happens!

    Ho, Hum, How about Having some fun 🙂

    08/31/08 1:55 PM
  2. Jason said

    Doc, my latest Mental Nomad Podcast includes an appeal for us to hear you once again spread your message of peace, love, pussy and Patron in the new year:

    We need ya, Doc, more than ever!!!

    12/23/09 4:34 PM

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