May 05 2007 NTS Show (Replay)

Doc has been away for some time now! There are many rumors as to WHEN or IF he will ever return to the airwaves. As for now here is The NTS Show that put The Reverend Doctor on the map! It was Cinco De Mayo 2007 and nearly two years later it still sounds as Fantibulous, Fantobulous but most of all Fantabulous as it did the day it first aired!!!

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  1. James said

    Damn doc it is good to hear from you again! Thought you might have decided it was time to hang it up or something. Your shows always make me laugh! Hope you put out a new show soon. James

    05/2/09 12:25 PM
  2. Lisa said

    OMG! When are you gonna put out a NEW show? This one was definitely hilarious! Miss U Much! xoxo

    05/2/09 9:04 PM

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